Monday, June 2, 2014

Littered Bones Along the Way

I’ve written poetry since I was a child, and it literally has helped to save my life, by giving me a place that I could speak intuitive truth with myself.

Over the years, I've shared some of these poems with other people, every once in a while, when it felt safe. A few have been published. But mostly they've been something private for me, written first to support my journey. 

However, I’ve been thinking that perhaps some pieces might be of interest to others. So I’ll start with this one. Please let me know if you like it!

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Littered bones
            along the way
Things gone wrong
Errors,  embarrassments, confusion,
Become so heavy
Block my self-light
            and I don’t even see.

I hear a sweet voice speak
            soothingly to me
“We all make mistakes,”
            she says,
“But you are still 100% beautiful,
            100% Spirit.
Yes, feel the loss,
Learn from your past.

"But when you tell your story
            to yourself
Tell the whole story —
Your patient compassion,
Your ever-learning towards competence,
The heroic journeys taken,
Dragons faced,
Spirit deeply served,
Rainbows delighted in.
That is all you too.
Some people will fail
            to see that in you
But that is their loss
            don’t let it be yours’.

"Put down the load,
            my love,
Unhook the burden
            of your unworthiness
Know your child’s
            wholeness and delight
It always was your
Live the clarity
            of your heart
Dance free
And feel your beauty

The voice goes quiet
I slowly look down
And see my hands
Pressed together in prayer.

Patricia Dines
© Copyright Patricia Dines, 1995, 2014.

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